Transparent Leadership

"Transparency in Leadership"

"for Women Who Mean Business"

for Women Who Mean Business

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In this book, I provide a step-by-step Action Plan so:

  • Challenges are solved much faster. Transparency is a powerful tool that forces a team to work together smarter. It allows everyone to share their perspectives and opinions openly and cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for cross-functional responsibilities and opportunities. 

  • Work relationships are more authentic. The result: a vibrant and unique team forging powerful relationships because each member is genuine to the other. 

  • Team members trust their leader and are more loyal to the company. A Transparent culture promotes trust at all levels within the team, creating greater connection and loyalty. 

  • The team becomes a high-performing, predictable engine. A culture centered around certainty, contribution, and growth creates a higher-performing company.

Sheri doesn’t merely pay lip service to the ideals she's going to share with you; she lives them. In a landscape where smoke and mirrors abound, Sheri’s unwavering commitment to transparency shines like a guiding star. She is a seasoned and well-respected executive who has a lot of life experiences that she brings to this book to make the 7 Keys come alive.  She’s the real deal and someone who has played at a high level. 

- John Mattone, World's Top Executive Coach

Meet the Author

Sheri Winesett

Business Strategist & Leadership Coach

Renowned for her engaging and thought-provoking speaking and coaching style, Sheri has left a lasting impact on leaders worldwide. From startups to multinational corporations, non-profits to government departments, companies seek Sheri's expertise to uncover organizational challenges and chart a transformative course for business and leadership success.

Prior to founding Business Accelerators, LLC and serving as world top executive coach John Mattone’s Global COO, Sheri served as a franchise executive, international lobbyist, and trusted advisor to Fortune 100 companies. For nearly 20 years, Sheri has coached over 1000 entrepreneur’s CEO's executives and their teams to become the best version of themselves and become leaders that others want to follow while building cultures that attract and retain team members.

Her friends and colleagues describe her as driven, fun, intelligent and loyal. Leading executives and their teams to their highest potential is her personal and professional mission. She empowers her clients to achieve personal growth, ongoing professional development, business and organizational success.

Sheri is passionate about scaling business through people. She has helped companies increase their revenue by 46% in profit by 61% by helping leaders level up and coaching high performers to find their moral compass, lead with a big heart and develop a solid conviction to do the right thing.  

Approachable, educational, and accessible, Sheri connects with entrepreneurs and seasoned leaders alike. In her upcoming book, "Transparent Leadership," Sheri delves into the essential elements for fostering a truly transparent culture. Drawing from personal experiences, she shares real-life examples of businesses and leaders she has guided to transformation.

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